Friday, February 26, 2010

Ready? Set? Go...

Are you ready for this?!?!?! We're going to go way back in time and play a little catch up on our lives. The last time I remember being told I need to update our blog was back in October 2009... yes, I just said October, when two of my beautiful friends got married. Jenna and Mark tied the knot on October 3rd and Rachel and Cody sealed the deal on October 9th! Here's the short version of the past few months

Cody and Rachel Linn
Cleveland, OH
Mark and Jenna Crail
Buda, TX

I helped Jenna with the planning and execution of their big day and had a great time working with her and helping out when I could! The wedding was beautiful even with the rain! Yes, it rained but it didn't stop us from having a great time! The next weekend I flew to Cleveland for Cody and Rachel's big day and also had a blast! Both weddings were incredibly beautiful and so much fun!

November... I ran and completed the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon! Yes, I ran all 26.2 miles!!!! Now that it's over I can say it was an amazing experience and who knows, I might do it all over again one day :) For now I'm gonna stick to 10K's... We almost bought a house, then didn't (praise the Lord). Alan and I turned 25!!! I know it's not old, but it sounds old. I feel wiser... ok, maybe not but it's different to say you're 25. We're half way through our 20's. I'm not sure what I thought I would be doing at this point in my life but I know that God has me right where he wants me and I'm grateful for that. Ok, moving on. We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving with my family and had a blast. Got to see my Aunt Susan and Uncle John's new ranch north of Dallas, Bruce got chased by their longhorns and by their donkey's. It was an adventure for him to say the least.

yes, my brother is bald... on purpose.

December... the usual, Christmas parties, traveling. Bruce turned 1 on the 19th, he's a big boy now! Since we had thanksgiving with my family we went to Amarillo for Christmas. On the way we drove into a huge winter storm and had to stop at a roadside motel in Tulia, TX at 3am because it would have taken us a few more hours to get to Amarillo at the speed we were going and it was only 50 miles away. We had a wonderful Christmas with the Bean family :) Bruce loved the snow.

Alan and Andy got matching shirts just like their dad's for Christmas

January... we went to Odessa the weekend after Christmas for Brooke and David's wedding. Alan was a groomsman so that was a lot of fun for him. David is one of Alan's best friends from middle school, they go way back to the Canadian days (that's the town in Texas not Canada the country). While at their wedding Alan got to catch up with old friends and did a little networking and landed himself a job. Get ready for it... in the panhandle!!!!!!!!!! So back to before we were married I always knew he wanted to move back to the panhandle. This was no surprise, I guess in the back of my mind I just thought it would be like 5 or 10 years down the road, not a year and a half. So, there you go my friends, words out... we're moving to Canadian! I'm not gonna lie, I struggled with it for a little while. I love Austin, my family is here, I love my job BUT we were very certain this is where God wanted us so I'm excited! We've met lots of awesome people in that little town already and we're excited to start the next chapter of our lives there. Alan has actually already moved up there and started his job with a commercial construction company based out of Elk City, OK. I'm still in Austin as I look for a job in Canadian but I'm hoping to start my own event planning company so I'll keep you posted on how that goes. For now I'm a single mom to Bruce and Skype is my new best friend :) Other January happenings, there were several birthdays, Bart, Susan, Gram, Mom and baby Riley entered the world. So fun!

February... Happy Valentine's day! Alan moved this month, he left on the 5th for the Panhandle and that was a sad day. Fortunately I was busy with the Verge conference for our church so it kept me busy and no time for being sad. I also had lots of support from friends and family which was super helpful! Bart and Becki flew me up to see Alan for Valentine's weekend and that was a blast. We went to a reception in Canadian at The Citadelle and met lots of people and overall just had a great time!

my new friends, Lanie, Becky and Cassi :)

Now that I've gotten you all caught up I can now get to the fun stuff! My latest obsession is reading home blog's like this one and this one so I've been doing a few projects myself. Look for some of those updates soon. Well bloggie friends, it's been great visiting. I must get back to the daily grind.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm a slacker...

I know, it's been so long since I've posted that we no longer have any readers and might as well not have a blog. But we have so much going on that an update post is in order. And, surprise surprise this isn't it. I just wanted to let you know that you (whoever you might be) can look for a post update soon. Some things I'll be updating - I'm way into home decorating so I'll show some of my latest finds and newest decorating fun around the house, we've got some big changes coming up (no I'm not pregnant) and perhaps a recipe or two will show up. Sorry, but that's all for now. See ya soon!

~ Marie