Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Living Room - updated

I get it, I promised I would give you updates and I haven't. I'm a slacker. I realize that I'm more into reading blogs than updating my own blog. It's a problem. I get that. There is a bigger problem too, I'm going to start a blog for my business so I have a feeling this one will suffer even more. Who knows, maybe I'll get more efficient at blogging and I'll get better at this one rather than getting worse. Ha. Anyways, so last time I mentioned my obsession with home blogs and have had some decorating inspiration as of late. Well here are a few pictures. I did just a few small things and it really can make a big difference. We live in an apartment so until we have a house my decorating can only go so far.

The mantle before

Picture frames: wedding gifts from Pottery Barn, Dried rose: Alan gave it to me the night he proposed, Painting: I painted it when I studied abroad in Italy, Vases: tall one from Goodwill $1.99 and smaller amber one from Ross $3.99, "B": a wedding gift and was gold, I spray painted it white.
Total cost: $6

really poor before picture of the top of the bookshelf before:

Large vase: Hobby Lobby $15, White candle holder: Goodwill $2.99, Books: took the covers off of books we already had, white elephant: ironically a "white elephant" gift exchange present, free
Total cost: $18

no before picture, but here is the after

Green Pillow: Target, White pillows: Pottery Barn $12.99 (cover) had the inserts other white pillow from Ikea $8.99 (cover) $6.99 (insert), Yellow pillow: Ikea $10, Blue pattern pillow: Target $19.99, white book box: Z-gallerie $15.95, green flower tealight holder: $9.95
Total cost: $85

The book box is a great holder for the remote and coaster. They no longer have to sit out on the coffee table.

The comfy reading chair corner before:
White picture frame: Goodwill $1.99 (painted it white), square mirror: Salvation Army $.99, wood frame with bridal picture: had it, brown throw: gift from Pottery Barn, White pillow: Pottery Barn, Yellow Pillow: Ikea $10, white picture frame of Bruce: Target, ottoman: Target, side table: Urban Outfitters (temporary and looking for a replacement), lamp: Ikea
Total Cost: $13

Grand total: $122

So, that's what I've been up to lately. I put costs above for the items that I've bought since I've been updating our living room. All other items not priced we already had. I hope you enjoyed this living room update. Be looking for a little jewelry holder DIY project soon.


  1. I love your blog :) I enjoyed it!! I will definitely keep following it. Love what you have done with the apartment, but I can't wait to see what you will do when you and Alan have a house :) love you bab!!