Thursday, September 10, 2009

Babysitting Duty

In order to give Brad and Amy a dinner date out on the town the only two available to babysit were these Beans! Now it took some persistent persuasion for Marie to warm up to the idea (see picture below) but I finally talked her into it.

As you can see Marie is honing in those motherly skills that someday (say 2-10 years from now) she will use on our children! ;) While Marie is no stranger at taking care of babies, since she did help raise her two younger brothers and younger sister, I on the other hand am far from a pro. I'm what one might consider a spectator, at least that was until last night. Let me reflect on the experience if I may. There were quiet a few highs as I apparently am pretty funny, or at least funny looking enough to cause Ainsley to smile frequently. I'm also pretty good at making weird noises that kept the baby happy and wondering what the heck I was doing. You can only do so much though and after awhile my antics grew old and Ainsley grew HUNGRY! Without Mom around we had to improvise with a bottle of the good stuff Amy had left behind. While Marie was busy preparing the bottle I was left to keep an ever growing fussy Ainsley happy. It was a loosing battle and luckily Marie swooped in bottle in hand right in time for me to save what little hearing was left. After feeding the baby we were able to enjoy some more play time with Alan acting the idiot and Ainsley loving every minute. By this point she was getting a little tired and we had to resort to turning on the tv for a brief distraction. Low and behold the tv was tuned into MTV and Snoop Dog was performing on stage. Well Ainsley seemed content enough but to spice things up a bit I decided to do my own little dance that seemed to boost her happiness even more. My wife on the other hand thought I was complete nuts but isn't that what babies do to people?? We changed Ainsley's outfit before her parents arrived back so she was all fresh and clean (after Marie changed the diaper) and that about sums up our 2 hour baby-sitting experience. As Borat so eloquently puts it, "GREAT SUCCESS"!!

Now off to our own date night! Badda-bing baby!

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