Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Bean's Mountain View


While most were able to enjoy a three day weekend thanks to Labor Day these Bean's have been blessed to take a whole week off! Yeah we know, you're probably hating us by now but in our defense we've needed a break like this for awhile now. We were invited up to Ruidoso, NM to spend the week with Brad, Amy, & Ainsley Bean at a family friends cabin and just couldn't pass it up. We departed ABIA Sunday morning bright and early and as you can see from the pic we had one happy first time flyer!

Since arriving at the cabin mid-afternoon on Sunday we've played cards (Marie dominated rummy I hate to admit), spent some great time in prayer & scripture, walked the streets downtown, sipped coffee while watching the sunrise, got some altitude training in, watched some college football, cooked some good food, and last but not least RELAXED. To give you a glimpse of the view from the deck check out the pic below:

Two things in particular have stuck out since arriving regarding the weather. One has been the temperature in the 50's at sunrise and high in the low 70's and the other has been an abundance of afternoon rain showers. It honestly doesn't get much better than cool weather, clean crisp air, and an afternoon thunderstorm in the mountains. You can most definitely see the hand of God at work and we have been blessed to witness it during our trip thus far.

We'll try to post another update later in the week as we hope to take at least one hiking trip that should make for some good photo opportunities. I've got to get the grill fired up for some burgers and crack open a cold Coors Light as should be the case in the lower rocky mountains.


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