Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ruidoso Recap (wildlife)

Mountain photography isn't complete without a few pictures of the local wildlife. Now while Marie was hoping to see a moose or a cheetah I was more practical with my expectation level. Actually she always complains about not seeing any wildlife while in the mountains but on this trip she was in luck. Lets start off with the infamous, if not overpopulated, mountain hummingbird(s).

Mr. Photogenic immediately goes into his best swan impersonation for the camera.

Mr. P decides he has had enough camera action and shakes his tail feather at me to ward me off.

Undeterred, I continue to take pictures until he flips me the bird and I figure I'd better let him finish his dinner.

Below the deck we threw corn down for the local mule deer and they came in numbers. I think I counted 10 at one time with 3 or 4 fawns still with their spots on.

I went down for a closer look but I think I may have blown my cover. Check out those radar ears!

I caught this little guy searching for food.

One of the highlights of the trip was Marie and I hiking up in the national forest. On our way back down the trail I spotted these two mule deer on the mountainside. The larger of the two looked like an 8 point that could easily grow into a 10 with the little guy a 4 pointer. I couldn't believe how close I was able to get and my telephoto lens didn't hurt either.

A close up of the beast. The antlers were still in velvet which was pretty cool to see.

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